On Healing Aspergers

The Power for The Protection of Children

Aspergers Syndrome is on the lower end of the Autistic Spectrum. Children and adults with Aspergers often have difficulties with social interaction and communication and may interpret creative thought and use their imagination in different ways from others. Some children with Aspergers suffer from physical difficulties, for example they may wet the bed into their teenage years. However, People with Aspergers often have intense interests in particular fields like music or mathematics. Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com



Dear Stuart,

My son has suffered from aspergers since birth, he’s 15 now. It made him very introverted and shy, he did not walk or talk until he was two. But after having three healings with you in Ireland, he has improved so much he seems like he is fixed, and now he’s communicating well and mixing with others and he does magic performances for the younger children. He has come a long way, it’s quite beautiful to see. W T Ireland


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