Natural Cures for 27 Ailments

Never use antibiotics to cure ear ache, a teaspoon of warm olive oil poured in the ear works every time.

Below is a short video about a new book called: Work With Your Doctor To Diagnose and Cure 27 Ailments With Natural and Safe Methods by Ty M Bollinger & Michael D Farley.

It serves as a good reminder that Gaia helps to provide us with natural remedies to help cure most illnesses.

The authors mention Cayenne pepper for the heart; the Antioxidant CoQ10 found in fish, parsely and vegetable oils; Magnesium for normal muscle and nerve function, strong bones and regular heart rhythm, found in oat bran, tahini and raw cocoa powder, brazil nuts and almonds; Probiotics to replace the important bacteria destroyed by using antibiotics, found in natural yogurts with ‘live and active cultures’ like acidophilus and Tumeric Curcumin the root spice commonly used in India, which is said to help fight various forms of cancer and cystic fibrosis.

Here is also a clever article on fighting the flu by using home made Kitchen Remedies. CLICK HERE     Stuart Wilde


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