Metals To Soar Experts Say

On the heels of the US Mint suspending sales of silver eagles, today, 56-year market veteran and analyst Ron Rosen, sent King World News exclusively two outstanding charts and commentary for their global readers. This is an important snapshot of the extraordinary roadmap he sees going forward for silver. He says it will hit $233 an ounce.

Below is the link to the charts and comments from analyst Ron Rosen.

kingworldnews: Rosen – Expect Stunning $233 For Silver As It Begins To Soar

And here below is an article by James Turk talking about the Bundesbank’s attempt to repatriate their gold from the Feds in NY, which has caused a stir in the market, as people believe the Feds don’t have the gold. Stuart Wilde

READ MORE: James Turk – Germanys Gold Is Being Held Hostage


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