Your power and your safety is in a fractal-code that is housed in the component of your total light; your luminosity. It is your light that keeps you safe from dark forces.

During a weekend seminar recently, I talked about luminosity, people were a bit blown away, they never realized this thing is as big as it is. They didn’t see it before.

The first theme we looked at, was the issue of images in your mind, for if they are wrong they degrade your light very fast indeed.

So for example, if you watch a late night murder show on TV, a Cold Case file say, where murder and rape are the central themes, those images are imprinted on your mind and they become lacquered onto your feelings.

You are imbued by that imposed evil and that pulls in the ghouls and the devilish forces to surround you when you are sleeping. Essentially you’re soul is poisoned for eight hours until you can get up and offer your overall energy some new sentiments.

The images in your mind at night are vital. You should lay in bed before you sleep and think of beautiful things: the white lion, the magical animals, God, flowers, the sunlight, celestial images, people you love that love you, things that make you feel safe and strong. And of course you should stay away from images that poison you.

Some of the dark shamans of South America are the strongest and nastiest black magicians that we know, but T.V is the biggest black magician in the vastness of its global scope. It controls information (images) and it makes people into addicts of the dark.

Some of the information it offers is neutral, but mostly it is the mouth piece of the Fat Controllers; those that seek to terrorize you and milk you and have you give away your power to them.

It is very dark in that it calls in the ghouls and reinforces evil, and that makes people worried and sick. Often people have little free will, their life runs around their addiction to one particular show or another. Television is cheap heroin for the masses.

Protect the images in your mind, keep them pure and don’t fall into the trap of Internet pornography. It is first seen as a black etheric armband on your left bicep. In women it is the symbol of their degradation and in men it is the slaver-abuser’s mentality, the armband looks like a Nazi insignia. When I first saw it it really scared me. Etherically it will make you very sick over the long term. Many people die from porno’, it rots their health, though it is not written as such, as the cause of death on their death certificate. It normally says prostate cancer.

You may be innocent because you are not aware, but If you can stay clean you can transform your life very quickly. I’ll talk about the very esoteric things we know on this subject of luminosity in later pieces that I will write here. Much Love. (SW)

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