Last Scene of Fight Club

Last Scene from Fight Club

I saw a very clear vision of the last scene of Fight Club, when Edward Norton is talking to Marla saying, “You met me at a very strange time in my life” and the credit card company buildings are collapsing in the background. I can see that happening in real life, not that the buildings collapse, but that the card companies could fall apart if there is a huge financial crisis and people default in droves.

The possibility of economic collapse is always there, but with the Feds pumping trillions into the banks, it’s not anytime soon, unless something extraordinary happens, like California falls into the sea, or a meteor hits the earth.

Then, a war with Iran could collapse the economies of the world if oil goes to $150-300 a barrel. The big banks have been very close to collapse for a while now, they could not survive a sudden downturn. There’s been talk of the collapse of the dollar, but whenever there’s a crisis, or some fall in the Stock Exchange, the dollar goes up, not down, as investors buy it because they see it as the last bastion of safety.

The vision means something prophetic, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Stuart Wilde


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