Journeys to the Deepest Worlds

Sometimes I travel with the Aluna soldiers and visionaries down to the deepest hell worlds, where the beings are very ancient and very evil; they are various manifestations of deformed monsters, grotesque, and dead humans, not a pretty sight! Some date back to the time of Sumer 4000 BC.

We go down to that place in groups of three or four. One fighter takes a white rose, which he places there, very deep down in the dark of hell. The white rose morphs a pulse that rubs out whatever is in the vicinity, clever stuff.

I take the famous Pringle, well not exactly, I make the sign of a sideways eight (∞), which looks like a Pringle. That shape is the shape of the Universe, they call it the saddle-shape. I make the sign in the air slowly with my finger while down there and it ties up the ghouls and traps them. They degrade unable to escape the mark of the sideways eight. Make the sideways eight in the air with your finger before you go to sleep it helps you.

We re-write the fractal codes of the Matrix moving our hands slowly in the air, this tears at the very deepest essence of control as the old Matrix is broken and the new one is over-written. So hatred is deleted and love’s domain is placed over it.

I think I have mentioned this before, there are at least 970 levels of hell, dimensions like layers of a sponge cake. No one knew they were there until we discovered them in recent years. Humans are evolving, the Beings teach us, I’m sure they are with you even if you can’t see them yet.

Armageddon is the war with the ghouls and as they die in vast numbers then the evil humans on earth are exposed without protection, and the evil spirits in nature can no longer hinder the return of Gaia.

That is why there are humungous earthquakes coming (11 on the Richter scale) and higher. As Gaia shakes the earth she’ll clean it. Kali and Gaia are one and the same. Kali is abroad in the night moving very fast, I watched her for a couple of days on and off then I lost track of her.

I see Kali as a goddess but she is also a complicated multi-dimensional force like a divine wind, so maybe goddess is too simplistic a term. We see the buildings fall in the Aluna all the time now, they don’t even shake and rattle, they just drop out of the sky. It is very eerie to watch. Here today, gone today.

All will be made whole, seems a relief, peace at last. (sw)


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