Jesus and the Chicken

I thought to post this one again.

The current flu in H3N1. The more deadly flu is H5N1. I saw a vision of five chickens in an alley by a dumpster. So, I thought that symbolised the H5N1.

And then I saw ten chickens in a dump truck, so that might be a more powerful variation of the flu that’s coming, H10N1, but we’re out ahead of it. Please see this vision below:


I see 5-10 Jesus visions everyday now, the information channel has become much more clear. I’m being taught things finally at last, and there was an extraordinary vision a few days ago.

Jesus was at a table with his hands to his side. They started flashing the celestial Christ light, and I was on the other side of the table, his light morphed into me, back and forth, it was so powerful, I had difficulty coping. That transfer lasted for about a minute.

Then I looked down and there was a live chicken on the table between us.

I took the vision to mean that the celestial power of Jesus, and his hands is far greater than Avian flu, which is a disease manufactured by the US government for the elite, it’s mainly to rub out the Asians as far as I can tell, thought I don’t exactly know.

I felt the vision said, we need have no fear of it. We have the antidote. We have the power.

Victory to the Shining Ones. Stuart Wilde

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