It’s Illegal for Police to Bare Arms in NY–tee hee

NY's Creepoidal Major, Wagging his Finger

Politicians are not given time to read the bills they are required to vote on. They are deliberately given to them minutes before they have to vote the bill into legislation, so that they can’t read the contents of the bill. Major Bloomberg in NY was in such a tearing hurry to enact a gun law, he forgot to exclude the police. So it’s illegal for them to carry guns until that twit Bloomberg wakes up and changes it. He passed an edict last week restricting pain killers in NY hospitals saying, “People have to suffer a bit.”

Bloomberg is a billionaire. I don’t imagine he has to suffer much, but that may change, the citizens’ revolution is on the horizon.

I find it so interesting how evil people can become. Why does Bloomberg think people have to suffer? What manner of cruelty has captured his soul? Have they not suffered enough with a felonious twit like him over them as mayor?

So you’ve been shot by the cops that are not allowed guns, and you’re in agony on a stretcher in a hospital, and mayor Bloomberg is standing over you wagging his finger, saying you have to suffer a bit. Whereupon, you suddenly get a second wind and you realise that you can reach up and throttle the nasty mayor with your last dying breath.

Do you see why I’ve said it all has to end one day, when the forces of righteousness arrive? “Bloomberg, Schumberg, stick it up your broom berg”, they are all going to be swept away. The papers will say they were innocent victims, but they weren’t. It was the death of cruelty we were invited to observe–nothing more. Stuart Wilde.

NY Cops Guns report:

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