Heightened Perception

All heightened perception comes from a deep inner feeling. We say it’s an inner knowing that comes from the Crown Chakra. Whether the perception you get is a vision, or maybe it is words you hear in your mind that are accurate, or an inkling, like a flash of intuition, it is all feelings in the end.

Psychic powers are usually very mental, the psychic picks up on your mind and tells you about your life, but the mental game is open to great error and misinterpretation, people hear what they want to hear and the psychic needs your money so they often dry-clean the reading and only tell you the sugary stuff.

Red Mimosa the Flower of Perception

You may know from reading my Sixth Sense book that everything emits a feeling. An inanimate object like an office building emits a feeling that is laid upon it by the people that use it. Animate objects, humans, animals and plants generate their own feeling, a thumb-print signature of energy, I call it.

Start this first simple exercise in extra sensory perception by learning how things feel. Ask yourself a dozen times a day when looking at things, how does this feel? Remember how it looks, how it seems, what you think about it is not necessarily how it actually feels, not its true reality.

Try this exercise in shops. How does the shop feel, pleasant or chaotic? Or try it with people in the street, animals, plants, outdoor areas, news stories food etc.

Once you insist that your perception accurately tells you how things feel, it will respond quite quickly. When a person passes you in the street, mentally reach out a long arm and grab a molecule from their heart, an etheric molecule of their energy comes back to you, which is in effect linked to the holographic data bank of the entire human and so you will know much about them. Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com

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