Forty Sentinels

Protection comes to you bit-by-bit. As you get less dark you get safer and safer.

If you have silent disdain or malice it is natural the ghouls come riding in on the back of that, as they track that dark vector right into your force-field, as you are like them, the same as them. Then they use you to bounce their black fractals secretly to others in the street say. It is easy to understand the process. You are like a messaging service for them.

Purity is the key. Not a prissy, righteous purity that is stuck up and elitist and sometimes controlling, just a silent purity, a cleanliness of sprit, a benevolence say, or the purity that say comes from walking in the forest or bathing in lavender water; or the purity that comes from reverence and respect.

In the Aluna Mirror-World I see forty people standing around me as sentinels, very silent and very strong. They were not armed Aluna fighters as we often see in there, just beings with a long heritage of an ancient power. Thirty-three are woman and seven are men. They stand as a group slightly below me, as if they are underneath me watching what might be coming up from below, which is always a danger.

Some of the woman belong to an order that is most hallowed. There is an abbess that leads them, she is about eight-to-ten feet tall in the Aluna worlds, she is very majestic and graceful, we know her as the owl-lady, as she is part-owl, part-human, like the fawns are part-deer, part-human.

The women are at a Camelot anomaly that is situated in an ancient building in Spain that is over a thousand years old. They have been waiting there for hundreds of years in earth-time units, so the abbess told me. I took two men I know who can ‘see’ to meet the owl-lady’s group. The women were very honored. The men are fighters, like knights of the realm.

I thought the owl-women are perhaps linked to the vengeance of the bulls in Spain that I have written about many times before, but that was not confirmed, not as yet anyway but they are linked to the collapse of the Catholic Church and the denouement of the Pope, who I think is eventually caught out, or so it is written in the ancient records. Stuart Wilde

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