Fall of the Pedophile Rabbis

A Rabbi in America was jailed this week for 105 years, for three years of sexual abuse against a little girl who had been sent to him for counselling.

The British Independent newspaper reported a covert sting operation, a hidden camera recorded an English Rabbi telling people it is forbidden under Jewish law to report sexual abuse by the Jewish religious people to the British police. In the Jewish religious book the Talmud pedophilia is allowed, providing the child is over three years old and so is rape, as long as the woman is not Jewish.  The Rabbinical code is cruel and the laws of the Talmud are subhuman towards non-Jews, abuse towards children and women is encouraged.

Rabbi Ephraim Padwa Secretly Filmed (see You Tube below--Sorry You Tube rubbed out the TV show's video)

But now in the real world, the police forces have built up the courage to arrest these Jewish priests and call them for what they are. If a few more get banged up, which I’m sure they will, then the others might learn to behave in a decent way. For a grown priest to penetrate a small child sexually and wash his hands of it and pretend he is something nobel in the community, is a vile con job. I am surprised that these Rabbis are not gunned down by the parents of the victims, certainly in America it could easily happen. It’s not good for ordinary Jews to have these scumbags at the top, bad publicity.

If I have understood it properly, the victims of these evil, British based Rabbis are Jewish children and they need protecting as much as non-Jewish kids. The pedophilia scandals are raging in Britain now, celebrities, politicians, aristocratic lords of the realm, the corruption is very deep.

The tyrants must fall and the pedophile Rabbis are not immune. When it comes to crimes against humanity the lords and the Rabbi Jews and the rest of the abusers can all go in the back of the same Paddy wagon to be locked up for a long time. It’s ugly but it is needed in the end. Maybe the religious Jews will get together and change the Talmud now that it has been so heavily exposed as a crime manual, maybe they could make it more humane and compassionate.

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Read More: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/senior-british-rabbi-filmed-telling-alleged-child-abuse-victim-not-to-go-to-the-police-8471779.html

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