Facebook Records Sound & Video from Your Phone, without Your Consent

“Facebook new app update lets them record sound & video from your phone, at any time, without your consent.”

Source Above Top Secret:  http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread919249/pg1

From SW:

The surveillance evil of Zuckberg and Facbook knows no bounds, people in the know say they are agents for Mossad in Israel, and we know they get money from the CIA. They are the makings of the Police State. They won’t be around in a few years time, so all the big banks that bought Facebook shares at about $38 will lose billions. Zuckerberg is a STD, a “socially transmitted disease” humans don’t really need the likes of him. Too smug, I never go on, but I’ve read articles that say the site is for people to express race hate and anger towards others. The Devil’s Diary eh? Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com

A Post from one of the Above Top Secret site’s readers:
For me this is where they stepped over the line. Facebook came out with an app update today on Android and when I looked at the new permissions this version request over the previous ones, I noticed that by updating, you consent to let Facebook your microphone and record with your camera anytime, without your confirmation. I know I won’t be updating, but how many millions will?

Picture from my Android TV box: (same thing was asked on my phone)

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