Exciting New Developments on the Gaia Front

I’ve prayed for liberation every night for twenty years or more. It’s arrived.

I saw a golden globe, like a bauble one might hang on a Christmas tree, but it was over-sized, about the size of a rock melon. Then a few weeks later I saw myself blow through the golden ball and to my left a small tree appeared, about 8 inches high. So the golden ball is a Gaia thing, the power of her resurgence. Two weeks later the golden ball came back in the room I was in. The room is very large 35 X 27 feet with a 12 foot ceiling, so the golden ball was vast.

I posted how the torture in Iraq, seems to effect Gaia and the health of trees. The golden ball is to counteract the evil that is in the morphogenetic field. See previous article


I have never known how the Beings would break the teeth of liars, but I was also shown a set of rings like the kind jugglers use. I saw them fly through the night sky, I think it was New Zealand, but I didn’t see exactly where they hit.

Then I saw a really creepy person in the Aluna, it was dark and they seemed very arrogant. I recognized them from somewhere, but I’ve met so many people over the years, I could not put a name to the face. I saw the five rings hit them, one after the next. They grimaced. I got the impression they were not going to last. Interesting eh?

Then I saw a pulse fly from the large golden ball and it hit another person, an older man, but I didn’t know him, and then there were 15-20 more pulses over a period of a few minutes. I never realized that correcting evil was part of Gaia’s remit, one of her special needs.

I can’t see the ball all the time, so there is no way of my knowing how many pulses it fires in one 24 hour period. But having watched some of them fly away, I’d confidently say, this is the most powerful force that has ever landed on earth.

I wrote some weeks ago, how many houses are spontaneously exploding and bursting into flames, there have been a lot in America, but then there was one in Argentina two days ago, so they seem to be spreading.
Dutchsinse tracks them http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dutchsinse/296574443728320
I was shown a building vaporize from the inside out. There was not one brick or piece of concrete visible, just a vast cloud of dust particles. Nothing was left in tact.

I’ll post more when I know. The liars face a real and present danger, one they have never faced before, one that they can’t see coming, it’s a white terror, like they imposed on others with false witness in court say.

It’s vast as I said, beyond vast, I have never seen a power like this one in twenty years of watching, so it should be very interesting. Stuart Wilde www.stuartwide.com


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