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I’ve said before Facebook is a front for security agencies like Israel’s Mossad. Here is a story below that has been banned by the mainstream media about how the CIA is funding Facebook–Tracebook. Creeps me out. 600,000 people left Facebook last week, much safer I reckon than having Zuckercreep shine his black light up your kllt. Stuart Wilde

Before It’s News – by Josey Wales

Internet Censorship and Facebook Censorship is in full swing. There are many people participating on Facebook who are being blocked from posting the news that is important to them on a daily basis. Even sharing certain posts will have you blocked.  Reports of emails disappearing and websites being shut down are becoming more commonplace. Why is this? Simple, free speech and free press give the citizens of the United States and people of the World too much power over their Governments. Also I present facts on the FB IPO released last May 18th 2012. This is something Mainstream Media is not going public with. Did you know Congress has authorized CIA funding for Facebook?

You will also see in this post how the ITU,CIA, and U.N are involved in controlling the internet and compiling lists on all users of the internet. This information is presented in the form of Video’s where you can hear it right from their own mouths. I encourage everyone to watch all the video’s I researched and featured in this article.   I also ecourage everyone to please help make this article go viral, once you realize how Facebook, Twitter, Skype and other Social Media groups are being used, you will view how you use the Web in a whole new Light.

Congress has Authorized CIA funding for Facebook. Facebook has replaced almost every CIA information gathering program since it was launched in 2004.  For full story see link after video.

Stuart Wilde

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