Ayahuasca Visions–The House of Cards

Sometimes Tom Lishman sends me the Ayahuasca visions he sees when he’s doing the workshops with people.  Some of them are so facinating, so I’ve started putting them up here from time to time. Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com

The House of Cards by Tom Lishman

“I was taken to a world in which there was an enormous towering building, resplendent and strong, stretching as far as the eye could see, a glowing testament to the power of modern man. Looking closer, the whole building was made up of thousands of playing cards; every step, door, window pane was formed from cards – hundreds of thousands of them, each displaying a royal card or number. It was a House of Cards.

As my intention drew closer to the gleaming edifice, not all was what it seemed. The cards were no longer glowing and pristine but putrid, grubby, decayed and rotting, with pieces and sections missing. Instead of normal playing cards, each card had the face of a leader, general, politician –  rather like the packs of playing cards issued to American Forces when hunting for Iraqi leaders, during and after the 2nd Gulf war.

Surprised, I pulled backwards and continued to observe. Each card continued to shrivel and decay, rather like paper being consumed by fire, each face appeared to silently scream with fear and terror rising to a deafening roar – and then, suddenly, the House of Cards started to shake violently and collapsed, overwhelmed in a cataclysmic storm.

The once gleaming edifice became a smouldering ruin and slowly dissolved into the earth below. At the end there was almost nothing. Just the sound of water.”

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