Ayahuasca and The Healing of a Broken Heart

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I’ve participated in, or worked as a facilitator on 207 Ayahuasca journeys. It cures depression, usually with one drink, and it heals people that have a fractured psychology from childhood pain or trauma. It is the greatest teacher in the world, because it shows you the real you in the real inner worlds, those are the ones I write about.

It takes you to a multidimensional comprehension of self, and it shows you the eternity of your soul. Usually after people take Aya’ they continue to see visions for years later that teach them. The hyperverse of the multi-dimensional worlds shows them about itself as fast as they can cope with it. We call it ‘The Mother” as it’s the gift of creation, Gaia.

Tom Lishman that runs the Aya’ workshops in Holland and Ecuador where they are legal, sent me this email from a man that was cured of a broken heart. I was happy for him. Stuart Wilde. www.stuartwilde.com

From Tom Lishman The Hidden Doorway

Ayahuasca works on many levels. Not only visionary, it can work on healing deep and traumatic emotional pain. A dear friend of mine phoned me saddened by a betrayal that had traumatised him. The lady he was engaged to and had been planning a life, future and family with, had revealed her true colours, and he had painfully discovered that, completely unsuspected by him, she had been carrying out an affair with another man behind his back for many months. His discovery of the affair and the subsequent confrontation, had resulted in her walking out the door, never to come back.

As luck would have it, I was attending the first of two workshops in Ecuador at the time and I immediately asked him to drop everything and get on the next plane to attend the second one. He did so, and several days later arrived in Quito, a man still in total shock and a shadow of the fun-loving and confident man I knew.

Over the course of 3 ceremonies the medicine took him on a series of journeys. Firstly, it showed his relationship in the context of a month in his life, then the relationship in the context of a year …. then his lifetime and then in comparison to the history of the planet and the universe.

The transformation in him in those short, few days was amazing. Instead of the broken man I met at the airport only 5 days before, there was one who was transformed, happy and smiling, one who understood the significance of the event that had befallen him as a stepping stone to real happiness. He was back to his true self and looking forward to his life ahead. Tom Lishman 


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