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The Americans resurrected the Spanish flu virus that they had stored since 1918. They sent it to the Eramus Medical Center in Holland for it to be upgraded to H5N1, so it would become an airborne flu for maximum effect. I saw a vision a few days ago of five chickens by a dumpster in an alley, so I took that to mean H5N1. Then I saw 10 chickens on a dump truck so maybe there’s a H10N1 coming. Stuart Wilde

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Debate Persists On Deadly Flu Made Airborne

The young scientist, normally calm and measured, seemed edgy when he stopped by his boss’s office.

“You are not going to believe this one,” he told Ron Fouchier, a virologist at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam. “I think we have an airborne H5N1 virus.”

The news, delivered one afternoon last July, was chilling. It meant that Dr. Fouchier’s research group had taken one of the most dangerous flu viruses ever known and made it even more dangerous – by tweaking it genetically to make it more contagious.

What shocked the researchers was how easy it had been, Dr. Fouchier said. Just a few mutations was all it took to make the virus go airborne.

The discovery has led advisers to the United States government, which paid for the research, to urge that the details be kept secret and not published in scientific journals to prevent the work from being replicated by terrorists, hostile governments or rogue scientists.

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