Vision of George Bush Snr

I saw a vision with my eyes open of George Bush Senior, I wonder what was up, so I checked it on the Internet; he’s in hospital in Texas in an intensive care unit on a life support system.

He didn’t do much life support or care in this lifetime, given the amount of people he had killed. It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds.

I wish I could say I saw the Devil in the distance beckoning him back to the bog of stench, but I didn’t, so the Devil will have to wait a second, and a gasping, and a time and a day, before he gets Bush back.

Bush Snr instigated the New World Order idea, which I said in a recent article is an idea that is dead on arrival. When he dies, the mothers of the tens of thousands of children that were mutilated and killed by him, those women will show him the bodies of each and every one of their children, so he knows what the filth of his soul feels like. That is what I mean by saying “…and a time and a day”.  It’s a pause, a review. We have to pray for the redemption of his soul and have compassion even though his life has been nauseating. Try it, one has to show willing. The tyrants have to fall but there is no victory in it, it makes me sad, humanity didn’t deserve them. Stuart Wilde

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