To learn to trust is important on this journey for you are bound to find yourself in places and dimensions, facing experiences that are unfamiliar. Of course to develop trust one has to become honorable and trustworthy oneself.

To become trustworthy you have be selfless, for if you are still egocentric and just aligned to your advancement, then your trustworthiness will be transitory and brittle, for it will be based on the ego’s whims and needs. Any time it suits the ego to act dishonestly and to not keep it’s word and do the honorable thing, it will permit the individual to wriggle out and run. No one admits to being a crook upfront, you have to use your feelings and observe people’s energy to see if they are sneaky, or beautiful and selfless.

When a person is selfless they will be big in their heart; sneaky games and dishonesty will feel strange and so they will always do the right thing, even if it is disadvantageous financially or inconvenient.You learn to read people’s energy right and see if they are a snake or not. You just touch them with your feelings, tapping I call it.The snakes hide in the grass and crooks are devious and not immediately obvious, and the sociopath has fine words to hide behind. But a selfless person can’t hide their goodness, it is written on their face. Common sense and logic offers a bit of help but it is all in the feeling really. The egocentric sociopath will always act to benefit himself or herself when push comes to shove.

Now, if a person lies about little things they will have a fractured sense of honor, and their etheric will be ugly and bent out of shape, and if they lie about little things they ALWAYS lie about big things as well. There are never any exceptions to that rule.

So in developing trust you look first at the level of honesty in others, then you look at the level in you. You have to be very precise and truthful to make the grade and you can’t allow denial to drag you away.The point is you learn to trust by letting down and becoming vulnerable and trusting everyone. Learn to believe in them even if no one else does. It makes you open and loving and it grants your originality.

But there is another quirky part of this and that is if you are not stingy or defending your assets, you open to receiving more. Defending yourself is energy draining and a bit cold and ugly, in the warmth of an open heart you remain safe and abundant and cared for and ripped off a bit.

To become honourable so you feel safer you have to learn to be precise. That requires a pristine accuracy in the way you talk and deal with others, never lying or deliberately giving false impressions, or overstating facts or understating them, nor manipulating facts to suit yourself. You heed to a factual correctness at all times. And when facts are hazy or unknown then you say so, letting people know that what you are saying is speculation or unconfirmed and in that way you are scrupulously correct and fair.

Deep inside you is where the trust develops and for that to happen you have to be fair and just and forgiving, and you have to set aside any inner feelings of vengeance. Trust and vengeance are linked. Very few people ever admit to harboring a deep seated desire for vengeance against other humans. So for example, a person that was born to very poor parents in a deprived family may act out their vengeance on others by hurting them and ripping them off.

A person that was sexually mistreated might take it out on an innocent partner with anger and emotional abuse. The people that have been powerless in the past might seek the vengeance of tormenting and controlling others now. Men seek vengeance against women, for some perceived emotional hurt in the past or because of a hatred for the mother, and women do the same to men. You are not allowed to hate 3.25 billion men on this planet because your boyfriend let you down.

Let us say that you got ripped off by an Indian man of the Hindu , you can’t hate those people or the Hindus because of it. That desire for vengeance is deep within almost all people but they don’t see it. They pretend they are trustworthy and normal but the hidden vengeance makes you untrustworthy, and people will be suspicious of you as they can feel the hidden danger of you. And also that darkness within makes you unfairly suspicious of others. Because the danger of your potential vengeance touches the other person’s hidden vengeance, as if the two parabolas intersect, it has the effect of making both of you jumpy. Vengeance is the nasty side of the shadow, only fairness and forgiveness redeems you.

Vengeance is sold by the media, they promote a vile jingoism, which is an abnormal zealous patriotism expressing itself in hostility towards other countries. It is not the truth. It is ugly. We are all brothers and sisters here. We are not allowed to harm people or hate them for we usually know nothing of them or their karma. The less people you are linked to karmically the freer you are. And in offering forgiveness you become detached from ugly emotions and you become more celestial, as you are saying you have no idea or judgement as to why a person acted as they did, but you forgive them and love them anyway.   

In the inner worlds you have to trust much of the time as peculiar sensations come upon you and things happen that you have never seen before. Feelings guide us through the hyperspace of the inner worlds and while sometimes things might feel unusual if they don’t feel dark then they are not usually dark.

When I went on the eight-hour journey through the tube to the void, I had to agree to die to get across. I didn’t know if I was ever coming back, or if I would ever see my loved ones again. So that is trust. A trust that says I don’t know where I am going or if I will survive, but I trust in the celestial and I am sure it will be fine, no matter where I end up.

When you trust you open a door to Gaia and the eternal Tao, you enter into a celestial grace that carries you along. When you are suspicious or sneaky or when you lie consistently you remain in the Valley of the Doomed that I’ve spoken of before, and you fall victim to whatever greater evil might find you.

The Empire of the Snake has dominated this world for thousands of years, but it is dying now and the ghouls are being wrapped up bit-by-bit. Once the ghouls’ protection of dark humans falters, then those humans will be stranded in the open, unprotected. That is why trust and decency and honesty and preciseness are important, for you don’t have to be perfect but you do have to be genuine in your imperfection.

Finally trust and perception are linked. If you operate from the idea that it is all real, then that clears much of the confusion. As you trust what you see it helps you but you have to be careful as the ghouls get in the way sometimes, but that should not inhibit your overall trust, just use your feelings if you are offered any visions that are odd.

Be selfless, get rid of vengeance, forgive everyone, and trust yourself, no more self-doubt, and wait patiently with some humility in the back corner of the ‘Dog and Duck’ and I’ll come and get you, or one of the beings will come and get you.   StuartWilde



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