The Technology of the Gods

Arjuna with the Hindu God Krishna

The Celestial Gods of the inner-world heavens fight the dark forces to sustain the purity of that mirror world; it’s in a parallel dimension that starts 18 inches from us, facing us. They also seem to be able to effect things here on earth. In the system I watch in trance, I’m sometimes shown the power of the Golden Gods.

Spontaneous Combustion: They have a complex technology that can take out a building by creating a fluctuation in its quantum field, spontaneous combustion.

It may sound dippy, as how can an invisible force take out a solid 3-D building say? Here’s what I wrote recently: “A building is bricks and mortar, but inside its intrinsic reality it is a mathematical fractal code, if a superior force changes the codes in the quantum field of the building, it will burst into flames. I’ve been shown this spontaneous combustion a number of times (30 times say in eleven years), I didn’t know it was possible .”

Now if all this sounds a bit dippy, there is a site on Facebook that tracks spontaneous explosions, the writer says there have been 200-300 recently in the US. The link to the Facebook book site is at the end of this article.

Once I saw a vision of an explosion of an industrial installation in another country. Three hours later I heard, “TV. Mr. Wilde”. There it was on CNN still burning. No one died. Press reports said they could not figure out why it blew up.

Then a few nights ago, I saw a vision of a small warehouse suddenly explode into flames. It was in a foreign country. I have a friend that lives just a few miles from the building, she’s going to check and see what happened.  I was shown in visions that the combustion is known as the 77. Like the number of the Devil is 666 and the Christ Consciousness is 44, and the Initiate is 33. From what I’ve seen shown the 77 is a very sacred power.

This beautiful building here is the headquarters of MI5 in London. Ten years ago I saw a vision of a hand descend from the sky, it went through the roof, in the fingers of the hand was a small square piece of white cotton, like a lint used with a tinderbox. It burst into flames. If the building burns down I’ll be sad, the Art Deco building is really charming, but it is alleged these people were involved with other agencies in the murder of Diana Princess of Wales, so there is a drama to the karma yet to resolve. The building gets blown up in the latest James Bond film so that may be a prediction. There were lots of films of the destruction of the Twin Towers before they fell.

Morphing the Ground to Slurry:  The Beings can morph the ground into slurry like wet cement, and then they ignite the methane that comes up. I saw a vision of a horse sniffing at the ground, a blue flame came up and the horse reared up as the flame was on its nose.

I was shown a vision of Chartres Cathedral, its pillars were morphed into slurry, it fell down in the visions. It’s till standing here, but maybe for not much longer.

Hacking our Digital Universe: The Beings command the digital universe we use to communicate with, they can fly a missile back to where it was sent. That happened recently during the attack on Gaza. The Israeli missile turned and flew back and landed next to a main highway. No one was hurt luckily.

Their command of our digital universe means they can hack a TV signal and overlay it with a new audio or even new pictures. I was shown this in Spain in 2001. I woke in the night again to hear “TV Mr. Wilde.”

An opera-sized lady was singing a song in Spanish. I understand Spanish quite well but the words I heard were all in English. And the English words did not even vaguely translate into the words of the song in Spanish. I named it Morph TV.

So one day we will have a Morph TV event, like when Mr. V overrides the official propaganda station in V for Vendetta. We’ll see a brilliantly made show about the truth of 911, or the death of Diana, or political corruption.

Maybe there will be a show every night for weeks I don’t know. We’ll call it “Cele-Leaks” (celestial leaks), not Wikileaks. Fun! The reason this has not happened before now, is, I believe, because not all of the TVs of the world have gone digital as yet.

Death from Above: I wondered if the Beings can kill a person. I saw a vision of a soldier drop dead in an English lane. But I don’t think they use this power very much, if at all. I think I was shown the potential of it, not a real event.

Earthquakes:  The beings can now pinpoint an earthquake to within two hours, on an exact spot. I’ve been shown that very recently. I was given the time of an earthquake 10pm to midnight. It occurred at 11.50pm at the exact place they showed me. It was small 4.1 on the scale.  I wonder what may happen in the future.

There are other technologies, but talking about them might be a problem. I saw the top of the Eiffel Tower, it had been bent over in a loop, it was leaning at a strange angle. I didn’t know if it was meant literally and they were showing me how they could bend metal, or of it was symbolic of France in some way.

There are things I don’t want to write about now and many things I have not been shown, but my guess is that because the Superior Beings have the power over 3-D’s solidity, they could do what they want when the circumstances are right. It could be ‘Project Mayhem’ from the movie Fight Club once again.  Stuart Wilde

Site that tracks sinkholes, earthquakes and spontaneous combustion:

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