The Tall Gods In Amsterdam

I saw tall gods in the water in the harbor of Amsterdam before the gig. Then I saw them in the hallway of the hotel, at the exact spot where we saw Kalki come through a vortex into this plane. I know it might sound rather unlikely, especially to our Hindu friends, but I never lie and I never embellish on what I see, I take it off a little tape recorder, word for word that I have with me when I’m in trance.

Kalki was born into the hands of the Eagle People, as it says in the legend. There was a female that represented the Eagle People at the hotel at the time and Khris Krepcik was there. That is why we saw the entry of Kalki there. If the Eagle Lady had been up at the railway station Kalki would have been born there. The time of Kalki has more or less arrived, so things should move ahead rapidly. The power is massive now. Thousands of times bigger than it was say five years ago. Stuart Wilde

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