The Strange Beauty of Miracle Healings

I’ve done over 4000 healings in the last five months, I don’t give out my email at the healings, but some people know it because they have bought mail order items from us, or they have attended a seminar gig. They write in with their testimonials.

There is a strange beauty to these miracle healings, they don’t follow any logic we know of. I only touch people for two minutes or so. I believe it is the birth of a new way, I know the purple light is in my hands, but beyond that I know nothing more. It seems to be a form of grace that we humans are only now discovering. The potential is there for everyone.

Here below are the diseases and afflictions people have been cured of. Some of them were terminal diseases that have disappeared when doctors retested the patients. The most extraordinary one was a high court judge, who was in a wheel chair, paralyzed by a stroke. After the healing she got up and walked. She now goes out with her dog for a three mile walk each day. If you’d like to read the people’s testimonials please click the link at the bottom. Stuart Wilde

*Aspergers / autism                      *Head Pain                                *Neck Pain
*Bi-polar Disorder                         *Hot Flushes (Heat)                   *Non-Hodkin’s Lymphoma
*Brain Tumors                               *Insanity (Mental Patients)        *Paralysis
*Celiac Gluten Intolerance             *Knees (Sports Injury)                *Pharyngitis              
*Cancers (various)                         *Leukemia                                 *Pneumonia                            
*Demonic Possessions                 *Lung Tumors                            *Psychic Attacks at Night
*Emotional Trauma / disease        *Lumps & Growths                     *Sciatica and Back Pain
*Gout                                            *Morgellons Disease                   *Tinnitus
                                                                                                       *Tooth Ache
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Stuart Wilde (1946 – 2013) is considered by many to be the greatest metaphysical teacher that has ever lived. Most famous New Age, New Thought writers and teachers privately studied with him, or they have been greatly influenced by his work. Read the full Stuart Wilde Bio >