The Silence of the Setting Sun

The Winter Solstice is the most sacred day of the year in the Taoist calender. It marks the end of the Old Sun and the birth of the New Sun. During the few days before December 21st things go very quiet in the inner worlds, sometimes it feels like one has been abandoned. But that is not so, the old guard retreats, the Beings and Guides leave and the codes are all re-set for the new year. And new Beings and Advisors and Helpers come in and take their place. It is quite an extraordinary process to observe.

I was given a glimpse of it last night, it’s the purple road I’ve talked about before. It’s very hard for people of a Christian background to understand that the Gods fight, that they are a military force, but trust me on that one. So the planning for next year is all about attack and penetrating where the Gods have not been able to penetrate before. The military side always excites me so much, and I see the fight against the dark with intense pleasure and every time the Celestial Beings manage a hit against the humans ghouls or the inner world ghouls it gives me ever more hope and glee.

In visions, I’ve been watching a meteor coming in from outer space, they can fly it in in a protective vortex, it looks like a donut, I’ve been shown that quite a few times, so the meteor does not degrade in the earth’s atmosphere, it arrives in one piece. It could be two years away. Then I was a shown an old fashioned punch card, the kind with little holes in them, that workers use to punch into a machines when clocking on and off to work. On the punch card was the number 55, that is the number of the Vengeance of Gaia. So I understood all the codes were in place for when the time comes. Stuart Wilde

Huge asteroid passes close to earth Dc 12th video: 

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