The Sacred Christos Water—a Bottle Inside a Bottle

The new Christos Water is selling strongly. The people at asked me to repost the Christos article as they say they can still ship the bottle of sacred water in time for Christmas. so here it is below:

It’s taken years in the making, we started in 2009.


The Christos anomaly is a phenomena that occurs when the edge of two dimensional curves overlap each other, pictured here. It’s a protection device from an inter-dimensional world.

The "C" Anomaly Looks Like this In Nature

There is an almond-shape created in the centre. When I’m in the almond my voice goes very deep, like a basso profondo singer in an opera. The anomaly only ever comes in when there are extremes of danger about, so that is why I thought the Christos water would be a good protection for people. I’ve experienced the Christos anomaly 60–80 times in the last four years.

The Christos water we have produced comes out of that anomaly,  it’s in a unique bottle, inside an other  bottle, so that you can’t change the resonance of the water by touching it. Jut can just see the inside bottle in this pic below. The Water is exclusive to

I have touched every drop. We use it for healing and protection. It is the replacement for the Avalon Mist spray, which we had problems shipping, due to the new postal regulations. The new Christos water is shipped UPS, so there’s not a problem.

How to Use the Christos Water

***Put a few drops of the Christos water in a larger container with pure water, like spring water and stir well. Then sprinkle a few drops of that water in every corner of  your house with a prayer. It creates golden codes that force the ghouls out through the roof.

***We are not allowed to tell you to drink the water, but it is as pure as you will ever find.

*** Place the bottle under your pillow at night; it will resonate the celestial codes and keep you safe while you sleep, or place the bottle in its presentation box in a prominent place in the house.

*** Rub a few drops of the sacred water on you, if you have pain in your body .

*** Hold the bottle when you pray or when you visualize for things you want.

***If you have a loved one that is going away for a bit and you’ll miss them, give them a minute quantity of the water in a little bottle, to take with them, so that both of you are more intimately connected while you are apart.

Stuart Wilde



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