The Prince of Hope & Peace

The Jesus Codes

Tens of thousands of pilgrims are in Bethlehem, both Christians and Muslims, for the Christmas celebrations of the birth of the Prince of Hope and Peace, as Jesus is called by some. Christianity and Islam are very respectful, kind religions, and Christianity has the Purple Light on its side now. Maybe Islam has it as well and I’m sure the Purple Light is in Buddism, as Buddha was a saint.

The Purple Light of Transformation 

I know it may sound a bit dippy but that light will transform the world, it is how the promised salvation and redemption comes about. Many hundreds of thousands of people have begun to see the purple Jesus light, sometimes with their eyes open, sometimes with their eyes shut, sometimes in dreams, and sometimes in their feelings, it is not an illusion, it’s a real force.

If the Returned Jesus were any one person, he’d get himself killed in 5 minutes flat, but our man is far too crafty for that, so he came back as a light, a light the evil people can’t see, a brilliant technique in my view.

As the quanta of celestial information contained in the light goes out into a million souls and a hundred million more, it forms a body of work say, like a unit of construction, hovering in another dimension, but here on earth at the same time. If all the people with the Purple Light concentrated on one spot in the world at the same time, let’s say Bethlehem, Jesus would appear as an apparition 5000-6000 feet high. I was shown that over a 12 hour period in 2001, when a number of apparitions appeared in the sky 5000-6000 feet high, that was in the south of France near Carcassonne and the next day near Cannes. Some of the apparitions were there for several days.

Christians don’t know that Jesus is a very great warrior, linked to the warrior Gods of the Hindus: Shiva, Vishnu and Hanuman and the feminine spirit of Durga, Parvati and Saraswati, but he doesn’t have to fight and kill people, he just has to allow his love and compassion to flow over the top of them.

Non-Solid Humans

Let me explain, you may know I have said before that humans are solid and not solid at the same time. Myself and others have seen a human dematerialize over a thousand times, at the winter solstice tapping ceremony in Ireland a few days ago, I watched the dematerialization of the participants several hundred times over three days and nights.

The non-solid identity of humans rests in a mathematical formula written in fractal geometries, there are trillions of bits of information in one of the human fingers that is writing this article. Humans are a code, an equation that describes their body, feelings and sentiments and there is a digital memory of their thoughts and actions in this life. Nothing is ever lost.

Evil people have vulnerable codes that are very zig zag and black to look at. And they have nasty striations on their faces, sometimes it’s three diagonal black lines like a chevron, that is the mark of the beast. It is very common to see in a subdued light. As the purple light flows over the mathematics of the evil humans it alters their codes, deleting some, re-arranging others. It’s to do with particle spin, but I don’t want to baffle you with science here, just consider what I’m saying, if you will. Evil people have a sinister spin to the left, sinister means ‘of the left hand side’.

I’m not wrong on these these fractal things, as I can watch the process in ‘real’ time when I wish to look at it, it’s just a “click ” of the mind and a tilt of my head, so the light comes to me at a certain angle, nothing more. Though I see it in a very rudimentary form, it’s vastly more complex than I can completely understand. But I can see the striations on a person’s face change second-by second, minute-by-minute.

The force of the Purple Light is like a Gandhi force, it offers no violence. It re-arranges codes, and the vile people fall, not because Jesus has hurt them physically in anyway, but because the Purple Light changes their mathematics and more importantly, it fries their ghoul protection. Evil people are protected by devils that promote their darkness and the devil beings help them advance in the world, once the devils are fried, the evil people are left in open ground and vulnerable.

Re-writing the Matrix

The Purple Light is a program that re-writes the evil Matrix that is in the sky over us, and in the hearts of hatred, control, gangsterism and specialness. For example, if you blow love at an evil person it will fry their codes, they have the option in an inner reality to accept your love or reject it. They always reject it. Put it like this, I have never seen any evil person in the street accept the love, but that is not to say it might not happen sometimes.

The Matrix is a code that looks like a net, it’s built over humans to stymie their attempt to reach for the celestial and their particular God, it’s there to make sure they don’t break free. It’s a construct of the Devil, who you may already know is not an individual identity, but an alliance of forces, again a construct from inside the hell worlds that contains billions of satanic dead humans, and it is linked by tubes and black pods to the hearts of nasty men and women here alive today. Violence, sexual abuse, supremacy, control and specialness are factors in the Devil’s Matrix, like say for example, the New World Order.

The Purple Light, is a flowing band of information, it’s not in the sky over us, like the UFOs say, you may be surprised to know that it flows down in the ground and it comes up to a height, just enough to be over our heads, to protect us from the lime green Matrix, the Devil’s Matrix. Many people have seen this and know it to be true, the reason it flows through the ground is because it has to restore Gaia as it goes along, because the devil beings corrupt plants and animals, as well as humans.

The Superliminal Light Goes Backwards in Time

The Purple Light is superliminal, meaning it oscillates sideways faster than time and so it goes backwards in time, it’s in a future dimension where all evil was rubbed out and the children were saved and a heaven on earth descended for 1000 years. That has already happened, but here on earth the body of the light is quite slow moving, as it has to work to fry things as it goes along. Imagine a vast army marching to victory, and every eight minutes all the soldiers have to stop and plant 33 roses each. You get it. It’s victory is assured, but it is slow moving as the light flows over the length and breadth of the earth.

In conclusion, The Prince of Hope and Peace is a vast code, bigger than all the calculation of all the mathematicians and scentists put together since the beginning of time. Stuart Wilde

Bethlehem Story API :

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, the Palestinians have seen Israel move forward with settlement activity, including around Bethlehem.

Last week alone, Israel moved forward with plans for over 5,000 new settler homes, most of them in annexed east Jerusalem, and more than 2,500 of them in the Givat HaMatos neighbourhood at the entrance to Bethlehem.

The Palestinians say part of the new settlement activity is intended to punish them for the UN upgrade bid, which was fiercely opposed by Israel and Washington.

But Xavier Abu Eid, an advisor to the Palestine Liberation Organisation, said this year’s celebration of Christmas would be particularly meaningful for Palestinians nonetheless.

“At Christmas, we celebrate the birth of the prince of hope and the prince of peace and the Palestinian people have been hoping for 64 years to achieve a just peace,” he told AFP.

“After the UN vote we feel a step closer to this just peace we’ve been searching for,” he added. “The UN vote is a turning point in our peaceful struggle for freedom and justice.”

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