The Heavenly Hosts

One night I went into the mirror worlds with a friend of mine. We sat on a sofa and closed our eyes and we described what we were watching. He’d mention a little bridge in a forest and a path that curved to the left and I realized I could see it. Then I saw women beautifully dressed in long robes with pearls, and he saw them. They were in a desert, each was pregnant, they had their arms up, dancing and celebrating the arrival of their children. They were full of smiles and great joy. Sometimes we’d break away and go individually through the mirror world and then we’d come back together and discuss what we were watching. It was really fascinating for me to be in there with another person. We watched for five hours.

We saw the arrival of a heavenly host. It was like seeing God in the sky. But to say it was God conjures up an image of a man in the sky, that doesn’t really do it justice. It was the most extraordinary thing I have ever seen. There were many beings bathed in radiant golden light, some sitting on thrones. They were massive. Then after a while a golden helmet appeared out of the clouds, radiant like the sun. It was many hundreds of feet high and inside the helmet was woman’s face. The image kept shifting and moving, emitting rays of colored light in every direction. The helmet was bejeweled with a million precious stones. It was utterly stunning.

Then we went into the underworld. It was dragons and ghouls and gargoyles just like pictures from a book of fairy stories. They don’t bother us anymore. Then back to the forest and the nature kingdoms, complex and beautiful as always, folding inside itself and folding out again. The trees had personalities and all manner of beings were represented there in the greenwood. After that, we broke away from each other and we individually visited people we know and others we don’t know; we just watched them; all seemed to be in order and healing quite nicely. Everyone was getting better at last.

A new era is upon us.  It is a program of happenings that occur over the years, but you’ll notice that after decades of waiting and set-backs, things suddenly start to happen for you and doors that were firmly slammed in your face suddenly creak open.

Meanwhile, the world will unravel all around you but you won’t care. You will feel the presence of new power and you will know you have arrived at last. You see, a long time ago you were invited to a banquet—you have probably forgotten, your journey was so long and painful, but your invitation is still there nonetheless. Soon the halls will be made ready and the tables prepared.

© Stuart Wilde 2012


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