The Healing Feeling

A lady at one of the healings in Ireland wrote me an email about her experiences of the Purple Light when she was in Wexford. The light is mysterious, people see it and feel it in different ways. You have to be in it and feel it yourself for a few minutes to understand the hyper-dimensional nature of it. Stuart Wilde

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During the healings with Stuart at Wexford, an energy filled the room and touched the people, this feeling I can only describe as Grace. It is difficult to put into words and one really has to be present to feel it, but I can best say it is a subtle warmth in the heart and body, a feeling of  deep calm and acceptance, perhaps it could be described as transcendental.

On drifting into this celestial heart space, I saw visions of different birds such as the hummingbird and eagle, who move their wings it seems, to create a healing vibration in the room. I could see blips of blue, purple and gold light with my eyes open and these lights seems to be linked to the Beings connected to these colours, that come in to help the people sitting on the stools.

The energy that seems to come through Stuart and into the space is very strong and like me, the people found it hard to speak at the end of the healing, as they were in a different space, their faces were changed, their eyes were bright and their smiles and thanks were genuine. In the cafe outside the healing room, they talked to me about it and they felt the Light as something very strong and tangible, a feeling of tenderness and love from another place. Ms. M.S Dublin

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