The Fiscal Cliff for Dummies

Bent Ben Bernake IS the Fiscal Cliff

There is talk of America going over a fiscal cliff, the government has been spending trillions it doesn’t have. $18.4 trillion is now to be authorized as the new debt ceiling. The cliff is a package of cuts that kick in on Jan 1st that reduce the annual deficit spending of $1.6 trillion by $500 billion.

Bent Ben (Bernake) at the Federal Reserve is creating trillions in secret that he didn’t previously have, it’s legal. But it doesn’t go to the government where it might help the people. No. He ships it to Wall Street under the table.

And they speculate on things like the silver market say, and they manipulate the prices of stocks up or down. Bernake has ruined America with this ‘mates rates’ loans, creating trillions of new money that makes the dollar in people’s pockets less valuable. Bernanke IS the fiscal cliff and the sooner they get rid of him, the better.

If the Federal Reserve’s money and the Wall Street slush funds came back into the government’s coffers for the benefit of Americans, there would be no deficit and no cliff, as America could pay off its debts without creating one new dollar.

Obama must worry about the Jewish vote, but as he is in his second term, he does not have to raise funds for a third term. So he can bring back the troops that are fighting for Israel ’round the world, and arrest Bent Ben and the Wall Street vampires, and he can arrest the 7500 Israeli spies that the CIA says are in the US government, and a week or two later America would be saved.

There is no cliff, there is only the foreign power that owns the dollar, that has America by the short and curlies, that controls and milks America to the detriment of the government and the people.

So “The Fiscal Cliff for Dummies” says the cliff is an illusion, and as soon as someone gets the courage to tackle Bernanke, Rothschild and others, and if they arrest the Israeli spies that are in the government and the Zionist Senate, the problems will be solved.

Obama could become the world’s Super Hero and save us all, if he has the courage to do it. If he doesn’t step in there will be a civil war, as now Americans know they have been taken over by an evil power that is here to hurt them, they will act to fix it.

I’m not suggesting a war against Israel, heavens no! Just a polite and caring removal of Israelis in the government and those corrupt people on Wall Street and at the Federal Reserve that control America.

The country needs to become the land of the free once more, and to that end we need the brave to step forward. The American national anthem reminds people of what needs to happen next.   Stuart Wilde





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