Spontaneous Healings In Amsterdam & Non-Hodgkin’s Cure

Lishman, Wilde & Krepcik, Amsterdam 2012

Someone sent us some V masks as gifts so we wore them at the gig in Amsterdam for a laugh. The gig went brilliantly. The spontaneous healings on the spot are increasing, one man was relieved of three problems all at once. Some illnesses take a few days, and cancer seems to take about a month to clear up.

Another man got up and told the story of how his partner came to the healings in the street in Bath, England,  and she is now cured of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph system. The doctors say she doesn’t have to take her pills anymore. The disease has gone. There were others that were cured on the spot in Ams. I’ll post the Hodgkin’s testimonial when it comes. Thanks to everyone that came, the gig was beautiful and hanging out and dancing with the customers in the Irish pub afterwards was so much fun. And many thanks to all the staff who were really great. Stuart Wilde (www.stuartwilde.com)

Ams Dec 16  is the over flow event as the room in Ams is not large, there are spaces available for Dec 16th. Click link



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