Sandy Hook — Mind Blowing Link to Batman Movie

Here are some pics from that show excerpts of the Batman film. On the table in the scene is a map with the enlarged words “Sandy Hook” on it, where the recent massacre of the children took place. The world is very sinister. Stuart Wilde

Stills from Batman film: Note the map to the left …

Here is a close up …

Just a coincidence … nothing to worry about … Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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The Dark Knight Rises

Dark Knight Rises is classic Saturn symbolism (see Wembley event) and Satanists worship Saturn.

Remember this was the same movie playing on the night of its release in July at the theatre in Aurora, Colorado, when a gunman (gunmen in truth) killed12 people and injured 58 – an attack blamed on the clearly bewildered and mind-controlled James Holmes.

Paedophile and Satanic rings working ultimately as one unit are the foundation of global control and connect into the drug rings and secret society network.

Working together they form the global Establishment manipulating events in every country.

And Satanists worship and serve their masters through death and destruction.

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