Purple Light Matrix Will Conquer All

This picture here below blew me away, it is 100% accurate. There is a purple light grid forming and even the cubes that are suggested in the pic’ are accurate. The grid is falling into place across the globe. I see visions of it every night in one form or another. It’s very inspirational. As it falls into place it forces the ghouls to back off, the protection of evil people retreats, they become vulnerable. Each that falls weakens the ghoul-grid and makes humans more free. See more below.

The Violet Matrix, Evil Shall not Pass

I’ve been here at stuartwilde.com for 15 years, writing each day to tell people of what I see. These metaphysical things like the grid probably seem very unlikely to some people, but much of what I have written has happened and much more is on the cusp. Visualize the purple grid when you feel vulnerable it will help you. Trust me on that one. Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com

Here below is what one reader sent in recently about sw.com. Very kind.


“I’ve been visiting stuartwilde.com practically every day for almost a decade. Since the beginning, I have found it to be the greatest teaching site out there.The information Stuart writes is way beyond anything written elsewhere, and the articles are so varied and interlaced with humour, that no one is doing a daily blog anything close to this. I find visiting the site each day to be a major spiritual journey companion, inspiring us to know what’s up in the world and how to transcend it all.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am that this site is even made available, nevermind that it’s actually free to study – that is the most amazing gift. Thank you so much Stuart, God bless you Sir”.
Mr.G.C Newcastle, U.K.

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