On Healing Morgellons Disease

Morgellons is nasty, it forms boils that have fibre hairs that come out of them, people say the disease comes from the effect the contails have on the thyroid. Here is a story of a lady that was cured in Amsterdam of this difficult disease for which there is no known cure. Stuart Wilde  www.stuartwilde.com


I am still basking in the bliss of your Amsterdam gig on the 8th. It was awesome and what an utter pleasure it was to be there.

I had morgellons which I managed to control to a point by drying up the burning liquid on the skin with talc. I was also taking some alfalfa (I don’t know if that helped or not but having read about a lady taking it and also dreaming about sulphur I thought I’d try such things).

However, despite my actions above it was not gone as I could feel it in my organs and I got exhaustion at times with clouded mind, lack of concentration and all the other symptoms of that silly disease.

I felt changes in my organs after the healings in Ams. Hard to explain, but a sort of spreading out of my energy. My skin the very next morning looked fresher, clearer and more radiant.

For a few days the sensations in the organs kept changing in feeling (but the prickly feeling and strange sore feelings did not come back after the healing, and nor did the strange movements within them) and now and then I would still feel brain dead and exhausted but not nearly as often nor as deep as before.

I recited your prayer a few times and held your card to my heart. The first time I did this, I felt a noticeable difference. Lighter.

Each day got better and better. Now I have no sensations or heaviness at all!

As you likely know doctors have no knowledge of this let alone a cure, therefore you can imagine the gratitude I feel and how deeply you are appreciated to cure such diseases (and in a jiffy!). Elaine O, Europe

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