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A lady had a painful growth on her neck for 15 years, it seems to have healed after a healing session I did in Holland. Blessings. Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com

Thank you very much for all the healings that you have done for me in Deventer (Aug 2012) and Ireland (Nov 2012), there have been marked improvements in my body since then and I am grateful for the work that you have done and are still doing for all of us.
For more than 15 years, I had been suffering from a thickening palm-sized growth at the base of my neck and many doctors did not know what was wrong. There seems to be no medical term for it but the closest I got to it on Google was a “Dowager’s Hump” but a smaller version of it… some others call it a “fatty lump” which sounds very benign but is very much otherwise!!
The little lump that continued to grow created a lot of tension in my neck, shoulder and back muscles and resulted in chronic back pain which I could not find any lasting solution for. Not only was the physical pain a dread, but it was also physically unattractive and I would try to hide the lump under my long hair at times. I gave up after a while.
I tried almost everything from acupuncture, weekly massages, a magnetic mattress, posture support mattresses to chiropractic sessions which cost not only a lot of time and money but also many restless nights and persistent pain.  
However, I am happy to let you know that since you first worked on that lump in Aug 2012, the lump has gradually softened and flattened, the piercing back pain has also ceased, my back seems to have “opened up” too, unlocking and releasing the tension in my back.
And after the second healing in Nov 2012, physically not only the pain has gone but I have a much more normal looking neck (without the lump!) and I feel so much happier, lighter and carefree now too!
I would like to thank you Stuie, for all your healing energies, your devotion and your love for all of us in doing this amazing work. As seen at your healing sessions, there is so much love, grace and compassion for every single person who is there. I would like to also thank your wonderful staff members who support us with so much love and compassion, right from the heart and soul.
Eternally grateful with love
Ms A.D from Singapore


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