New Diana Story

I saw nine visions of the death of Diana, one vision played as a video clip in my mind’s eye. The clip repeated itself over and over for four hours.

In the clip the car came down the ramp of the Alma tunnel at a normal speed, there was an explosion behind the left side front wheel, the car hit a pillar and spun around.

The part of the car Diana was in was not damaged at all. (see below) She did not die in the crash, a doctor appeared down the ramp crossing from the other side of the road, she died by lethal injection. I’ll rewrite the Diana story as part of this series.

** Pictures of Diana’s car when it came out of the tunnel five or six hours later showed it totally crumpled from front to back with parts of the roof torn off.

Diana's Car was Twisted and Wrecked when it left the Tunnel

Early pictures of the car in the tunnel just after the accident show it relatively undamaged. Just as I saw it in my video-clip visions.

The Car When it First Came to a Halt

Look at the roof. There is no damage and the back window is intact. You can just see the right front wing, it’s not damaged and the side light is on. Compare that to the picture of the right side above, see the difference?

Diana was in the back on the right hand side, the car hit the pillar on the left hand side.

All the extra damage was cosmetically added by the French authorities to con people into believing a fatal crash had taken place. In the actual crash I saw in my visions the left front of the car is a bit bent and that’s it. The car was not going fast and the driver was not drunk as the media claimed.

I drove in and out of the Alma tunnel back and forth many times, twenty times maybe, adjusting my speed to exactly mimic the speed of Diana’s car by watching the pillars go past. Remember, I had seen the vision of the car in the tunnel play over and over for four hours, so I knew.

From my experimental estimate in the tunnel, I’d say the car was doing 40-42 mph coming into the tunnel and it gathered a little bit of speed down the ramp, so it was doing maybe 45-47 mph, at the time of the explosion that occurred behind the left-side wheel.

I’ll be posting a YouTube video I recently made in Paris in the Alma Tunnel, which will explain things very clearly.

Stuart Wilde

The Diana visions first appeared as short video clips in 2001 and 2002 in the morph over a year ago. I didn’t post them here at the time, as the Diana story seemed a long way off and the visions came in bit by bit over months, not in a linear consecutive order. Then I saw a vision of Diana striding up to a group of men; she said forcefully to one of them, “Come on Yves, let’s go.” So, I reckoned the Diana story must be getting closer to popping out of the box. Here, I’ve rearranged the eleven Diana visions that I have seen chronologically, so they are easier to follow. And I’ve added a few comments as I go along, as well as my summary at the end as per usual.

The Driver

The first Diana related vision I saw came in July 2001 as a mini-video in the morph. It was of Dodi’s driver Henri Paul talking to a group of men. He was not at the Ritz hotel, but at some other location, an office somewhere in France. All the men were standing approximately in a circle; Mr. Paul was leaning in slightly, listening intently. He seemed to be receiving instructions and at the end of the short ten-second clip, he nodded and bowed slightly, and he shook one man’s hand.

(We think this is the morph’s record of how the caper was set up. There is an audio track to this clip but I didn’t get to hear it or what was being said).

The Money

In the next morph clip, I’m watching a scene at night. I see the car that was involved in the crash, reflected off the hood of the car is light from a street lamp. A man comes up and starts to place piles of cash on the hood. It is 120,000 French francs, about $US 20,000.

(We reckon this was the down payment of Henri Paul’s pay off, but he was tricked. He thought he was being paid to abduct Dodi and Diana for ransom maybe. He wasn’t told the full plan).

The Rear-Door Mechanic

In another morph video some weeks later, I watch as a car mechanic kneels down on the ground next to the rear door of the car on the driver’s side. He is fiddling with something just inside the door close to the floor.

(Neither Dodi nor Diana wore seat belts–maybe the rear passenger seat belts were rendered inoperable).

The Other Two Mechanics

Next, I’m watching another vision in the form of a video in which the car is jacked up on the driver’s side about eighteen inches off the ground, and two mechanics are working under the car in the area between the driver’s door and the left front wheel. These characters feel military and very spooky. I watch them from behind for about thirty seconds before the morph video clicks off.

The Ritz

The next one is the scene at the back door of the Ritz in Paris, where Diana had dinner with Dodi on the fateful night. She exits from the back door of the hotel looking tired, ready to go, and she looks up and down the road as if she’s waiting for a car to arrive. There is nothing there so she reenters the hotel, and I watch her in the hallway talking to people in an animated way, waving her arms about. She then waits by the door alone until other people join her and they all walk out together.

Dodi & Diana leaving the Ritz. Image

(We reckon the regular car and driver was diverted in some way, and Henri Paul took its place at the last minute as a planned substitution).

The Alma Tunnel Vision

It’s nighttime, the car carrying Dodi and Diana is approaching the Alma tunnel, it doesn’t seem to be going particularly fast, guessing I’d say 40-42 miles an hour. It’s hard to tell the speed of a car as it passes you, but it wasn’t doing a hundred miles an hour as the official story goes. I guessed the speed by going up and down the actual tunnel and by watching the pillars go past to guess what speed the car was doing in the morph video clip.The car goes down the tunnel and then there’s a small explosion and a cloud of smoke bursts out from under the car in the area of the front wheel, and under the driver’s door. The driver loses control and the car whacks one of the concrete pillars in the center of the tunnel and comes to a stop.

This video sequence is 8-10 seconds long from start to finish. But unlike the other short clips mentioned above that, each played just once, this one played over and over for four hours. I watched each viewing of it through to its completion and then there would be a slight pause, and it would play over again. Twice the film clip went through a replay in slow motion as if it was saying did you see all of that?

(The news footage of the car when it crashed showed it had hardly any damage, yet when the car was finally shipped out of the tunnel many hours later on a flatbed truck, the entire front of the car was missing and there were hardly any two bits of it still glued together. Someone did a demolition job on the car removing almost the entire front section).

The Alma Tunnel, Paris. Image:

The Parked Car

In a new morph video sequence that I saw in October 2001, I’m watching from near the Alma tunnel and I see a man getting out of a parked car, which is either on the main drag by the river, or it is in a side street; I can’t exactly tell. He’s got a bag in his hand like the kind doctors carried in the past. He puts the bag on the front of the car and rummages through it. He then pulls out a small box that is about eight inches long and three inches wide, and one and a half inches high. It reminded me of a pencil case, the kind kids take to school. The man looks extremely spooky. He then turns towards the morph camera’s point of view (POV), and he shows the small box holding it out in his hand in full view. This shot of him showing the box lasts for a few seconds and then the morph video clicks off.

The Syringe

A few days after the parked car vision, I see the spooky guy once more. This time he is in the Alma tunnel, standing behind the damaged car. He’s got the box in his hand once more, I now see that it is gray and it has rounded corners, I get the feeling the box is made of metal. This guy feels smarmy and cruel like you wouldn’t believe. He holds out the box towards my POV, and opens it slowly. I can see a piece of white medical gauze covering the contents of the box. He then reaches in with his thumb and forefinger and slowly pulls back the gauze, under it is hidden a loaded syringe. I couldn’t tell what was in the syringe; – there was no labeling or marking on it, or on the box. It looked like clear liquid, but it felt deadly. The man smiled the creepiest smile I’ve ever seen.

‘Click’, the morph video goes to dark. I’m thinking about what I have just seen and suddenly the video clicks on again and I watch an exact replay of the same sequence. This time I look very carefully at the syringe but I still can’t tell what it’s loaded with even though I am looking at it from inches away, right in close-up.

This time I get the impression, the man is not French. I don’t know how I know that. I feel the occupants of the car are in extreme danger.

(We don’t know if the spook with the syringe is the American doctor that was first on the scene or not).

The Cat and the Camera

Weeks, maybe a month passes, and now I see a new morph video of a cat in the Alma tunnel. It’s on its hind legs taking pictures with a camera. The shots are going off very fast one after the next, accompanied by a flash each time.

(We see the cat in the morph all the time; it’s the symbol of the grace and stealth of the Forces of Light. On the night of the crash, the French authorities turned off all the surveillance cameras in that area of Paris. I got the impression that the appearance of Puss Puss in the vision is the morph’s way of saying not all the cameras were off; there is at least one record of the explosion and what actually happened. Perhaps one of the paparazzi that followed the car to the tunnel got away with his pictures).

Ooh la la what a cock-up. Meow.

The Phone Call

In a new vision, I’m watching a phone in a hallway; I am almost sure it’s in France. The phone rings and someone I can’t see answers saying, “‘Hello”. They are real nervous and tentative and they speak with a French accent.

(We reckon that this is a missing witness that saw the crash and/or they have crucial evidence of a conspiracy. They may have been scared to come forward in the past but now that will change and they will talk to the press, in spite of the risk).

The Nerd in the Strange Hat

Now here’s one more vision. It’s very strange. I saw it on November 17th 2002, sixteen months after the first one that was the Henri Paul one listed above. I’m watching in the tunnel once more as if through the lens of a TV camera. It is night. There’s a nerd in the tunnel. He is very skinny and has a long face and a pointed chin. He’s only about five foot two to five foot four inches tall. I can’t work out his age but he’s well over thirty and less than fifty. He is wearing an unfashionable, clunky sports jacket with ordinary dark trousers and a strange hat. It’s not a constructed hat like an English bowler hat or an American Stetson. It is floppy and made of cloth, and while it is almost flat, it has a bit of a circular, pork-pie shape to it.

The scrawny man looks nervously up the Alma tunnel to his left, and then he looks the other way to his right. He’s real jumpy and anxious, like he doesn’t quite know what to do. He’s afraid of something–getting caught perhaps? Then I hear him call out in quite a loud voice, one single word in a French sounding voice, “Vallon”. It seems like he is calling to an accomplice for help.

(I don’t know what vallon means in French. I think it’s a person’s name. But my feeling is that if Vallon is a person, he or she is linked with the creep in the tunnel on the dark side of things). Later readers wrote in to say Vallon is the name of a company that makes anti-land mine devices. Diana was campaigning against land mines.


I saw on the night a man called Maurice that knew all about the hit, I naturally thought he was Frenchman but there was an English MI5 or MI6 agent there that night his name was Maurice. Strange coincidence eh?



So there you have it, that is what I have seen so far.

Dodi’s father says his son and Princess Diana were murdered by the British Secret Service, and if that is so, it would seem to me the French must have been involved. The American doctor was first on the scene and he then vanished, so perhaps the Americans were in on it too.

The fact that Dodi and Di were rubbed out looks fairly obvious to me but who ordered the hit and who carried it out? That I don’t know. I think it is a mistake to jump to conclusions before we know exactly what’s what. The truth might be even more spectacular than we can ever imagine. But, my prediction is that the Forces of Light are definitely bringing pussy out of the bag with a witness and Vallon, and photos and/or videotapes. And I’d bet that there is paperwork and documentation somewhere that is waiting patiently in its party frock for Prom Night.

I’ve mentioned before that in addition to there being a record in the morph of what has happened on earth in the past, in the mirror world we also see events enacted there before they happen here in our 3-D world. In that world Princess Diana is on the move, there is a lot of activity in and around her. The Diana story is the ‘ethers’ so to speak; it’s coming out sooner or later.

Now to comprehend that a dead person is alive in another dimension working to bring down those that acted against her takes a leap of faith, which you may not be prepared to embrace. I completely understand. I can’t prove it to you. Though I would say, the existence of the mirror world is without question in my mind, and its connection to our world has been proven to me over and over, hundreds of times. In there, Diana is mounting a counter attack and she has allies that are French that are helping her.

“Vive la France.”

© 2012 — Stuart Wilde. — All rights reserved.

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