Mysterious Orbs

When we first started to see the Morph in 2001, we were surprised to discover just how many transdimensional entities co-exist with us here in the earth plane —trillions: nature spirits, animal spirits, ghoulish blobs, angelic beings, etheric entities of one kind and another. We humans are greatly out-numbered. I find it so interesting that there are two worlds inter-meshing with each other and we see more and more of that with everyday that passes.

Some people think that the orbs are a quirk of digital photography but if you enlarge an orb photo, you can see that some orbs have images of spirit animals in them, and in others orbs are images of beings. They almost all have the concentric circles. It is hard to imagine these images inside the orbs to be an artifact of photography.

But artifact or not, the beings are here in this world and while there is a certain level of dark entities, there are also many powerful light beings like the Tall Boys I wrote about in 2005 (see article: Tall Boys in the Dead of Night). Aya’ shows you how to look into the other worlds and so it’s a great lesson, as few realize they are part of a spirit world—the aluna, and few know what to make of it.

It’s a shame really, humanity invests its spirituality in dogma and concepts, but once you see the real thing, the true multidimensional world, then you come alive. You open to a hyper-dimensional image of self, beyond the restraint of dogma and old, dusty concepts that were cast in stone a thousand years ago by old men. Ignorant men: sexists, elitists, racists; violent men, men who wanted to control spirituality to profit themselves not to set humanity free.

The time of dogma in stone is coming to an end. Stuart Wilde.

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