I Can Relax Ams’ Dec 8th (Sold Out), Dec 16th Gig Tickets Available

Thanks Guys. I can relax. December 8th Amsterdam is all SOLD OUT. The door price is Euro 300. But I added one Mates Rate ticket Euro 150 and one VIP ticket euro 280 in case there was someone at the last minute that really had to get there. But the gig is SOLD OUT. Click below if you want one of the two extra tickets… and thank you all so much for your kindness. Much love. See you there. SW


December 16th. This is the overflow event, there are spaces left in each category no problem… Early Birds, Mates Rates, Group Rates and VIPs. See you soon, I am very excited, this is the last gig for a long while.

My friend the doctor who was raised in Ghana is coming to the second event Dec 16th. He has the same hands as me. I’m sorry I can’t write much about him here, he’s an extraordinary person, but he works day-to-day in a very tick-tock world, they would not approve of the hands-on work we do. SW www.stuartwilde.com

Click Below of you want to come to Ams 16th


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