How to Make Your Prayers More Successful

I never thought much about prayer, as essentially I didn’t think it worked very well. And having been trained in the Taoist philosophy, I don’t believe in an all-powerful male god sitting on a throne in heaven. In Taoism, god is considered a celestial force that flows through all things, like grace is a celestial force that people believe in. You could say the Tao and grace are two terms for the same thing.

But as I learned more and more of the Aluna Mirror-Worlds, and I saw the celestial beings in there, and I watched them operate and communicate with us, I changed my ‘god bothering’ tactics most effectively.

1st: Endless whining, asking for stuff you need is hopeless, it’s just chaff, nauseous pleading by billions of ego-centric folk out of control.

2nd: Prayer has to be a feeling to work. You have to feel that the thing you are asking for is feasible and that it already exists in your soul as a reality.

3rd: Here is a clever trick that almost no one knows. Never pray to God for stuff, pray FOR God. So, if you believe in celestial beings, like the Hindus do, then pray for the Gods’ protection, pray that their consorts might be ever more beautiful and strong, that their progeny might be ever more chubby legged and bright. Pray for God that he or she might achieve an even greater luminosity or celestial glory. Pray for them, make them special.

Do that for five minutes and then slip in your need for the rent money as an afterthought at the end. This method really, really, bloody works!

4th: For prayer to work, you have to be humble. So prayers of gratitude stand you in good stead, and prayers kneeling on the ground, when it hurts your knees a bit, shows a good intensity of effort.

5th: You have to know you are loved, which for some people is hard, as they don’t love others, never mind themselves.

6th: Pray for wisdom and perception, not things. When I was twenty, I went into a church in a London suburb, and I knelt and prayed saying, “God please make me truly wise.” I didn’t pray for stuff that a young kid would pray for, I asked for wisdom. I got it in spades. I’ve had 200,000 visions in recent years. I’ve documented over ninety-thousand of them. I learned things no one else ever knew. Then I taught it to others that also sought wisdom. In the end, they could see better than I could. Wisdom is the key. Ask for wisdom, for with wisdom everything else flows.

7th: Be patient. The Aluna Mirror-worlds seem to take longer to manifest things here in 3-D than we expect. Make yourself useful, heading towards the object of your dreams, while you are waiting for your prayers to be manifest.

8th: Pray for others and especially pray for people you don’t like that may be rather evil. Pray for people that will never pray for you that don’t care a jot about you. Pray for them, pray for their well-being. It’s magnanimous.

Remember, to transcend this existence and become something spiritually, you have to forgive everyone.

As I said in my book God’s Gladiators, “I pray for your protection from afar.” And I will, and I do.

© 2012 — Stuart Wilde. — All rights reserved.

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