“History Would be Something Extraordinary, if Only it Were True” –Tolstoy

The history of the world will unravel and the myths will collapse. The Russian Revolution was sold as an uprising of decent workers and peasants against corrupt aristocrats and the Tzar.

Juri Lina Estonian Film Maker

Juri Lina, the Estonian film maker says it was in fact, a coup d’etat by the Freemasons, funded by $50 million from Japan and then many more millions from the Jews on Wall Street, Schiff, Warburg and others. Schiff supported the Russian revolutionary Trotsky and paid his rent on an apartment in New York.

The Russian Revolution was in fact a Jewish Zionist take over, 65 million mostly Christian Russians died at the hands of the cruel regime.

True history is fascinating, but it is often more than people can cope with, because it points the finger at people who have conned the world into thinking they were innocent. Like say, in a false flag operation, where an attack like 911 is blamed on others: Moslem trainee Cessna pilots with box cutters and a man in a cave with kidney failure and a mobile phone did it, so they say.

People avoid what is uncomfortable, they hide things from themselves, and our historical lies are just an extension of the disinformation that is spread. Be true to yourself and your loved ones and then have the courage to delve into the truth of other things so you can see the world in a new perspective. A correct one.

Here is a brilliant film below called In the Shadow of Hermes, by the Estonian film maker Juri Lina about the true history of the Russian Revolution. Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com

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