Gold Confiscation Video

This gold confiscation video (7 mins 03 secs) is cute. It says the US Federal Government has no power over people’s gold, but it goes on to say that if legislation is passed anyway, the banks will repossess your gold even if that act is not legal, just as they did in 1933 at the time of Roosevelt. He confiscated all the gold from the American people and then a few months later it was sold back into the market at a higher price.

In the video, the writer gives an example of a person in the 1930s to whom that happened. Chase Manhattan handed over all his gold to the government. The man sued and won his case in court, but he did not get his gold back. The judges were bent. Don’t leave your gold in an American bank, use a foreign bank, or a safety deposit box, or hide it.

Remember this, the people in power are on a parabola of energy that looks like a descending curve. They are turning inwards, away from community and a connection and empathy with others, into an ego-greed predatory mode. The curve is descending towards hell and the further they go down it, the more threatened they will feel, because the downward drift takes them into degradation and they feel a loss of vitality.

Essentially, the status quo is dying ever so slowly. As they go down, they will thrash about and legislate to hurt people. Money is a quantum of energy (heat) created by your hard work, as they get sick and die, they will seek heat in degraded sexual practices, black magic and the theft of people’s money. There is an upward, open curve and that is progressive, not regressive and that is the paradigm shift that people feel now. I’ll write about it. Stuart Wilde

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