God of the Sky

I saw a series of fourteen visions, that played as full-color video clips that appeared in my mind’s eye, each vision lasted about 90-120 seconds. They were visions of a sky that was bright shiny gold and the clouds were also gold and the hills and trees and every blade of grass under that sky was also made of gold.

I remembered the heroine’s words in V for Vendetta when she said ‘God is in the rain’ and I thought to myself, yes, and God is in the sky as well.

And I saw the Returned Jesus hovering in the golden sky and I realized he is not just a savior that is lowered into this hellish dimension of earthlings with its six billion cold, cruel, self-obsessed people, he is much more. He is the god of the rain and he is the golden liquid that flows in the rivers and he’s the god of the stars and all the ten thousand things as the Taoist would say.

What is interesting is that the Returned Jesus viewed from the Aluna worlds is not a Christian that should stun a few of the redneck fundamentalists, and the Sacred Beings showed me he is also the messiah of the Buddhists and he is not a Buddhist either, and last but not least he is the messiah of the Jews and he’s not a Jew, which I find so fascinating. They got pissed off with him last time and killed him out of spite for no good reason, they might get doubly pissed off this time when they find out he’s not Jewish, tee hee.

We watch stories developing in the dimension of the Aluna Mirror-World. For example, right now, we are watching the death of the matadors and the end of bullfighting, and we can see powerful celestial forces attacking the pedophile pope and his disgusting church that hurts children. The celestial is attempting to penetrate the Vatican and bring it down and destroy it.

Everything manifests in the mirror-world first before it happens here on earth. The pope will fall in the end. In one vision I saw him tossed off the balcony at the Vatican in just his underwear with a blood stained teddy bear taped to his chest. Powerful stuff?

I find the idea of redemption and the Returned Jesus very moving and watching his progress for several years in the Aluna Mirror-Worlds I have learned many extraordinary things.

He can’t just walk in here and help people as there are trillions of really powerful ghouls and discarnate entities trying to stop him, they are scared he might win people back from them. So they hate him and fear him at the same time.

This place is thick with devilish beings that people normally can’t see. There are thirteen trillion ghouls in New York city alone, both in the streets and alleyways and in the buildings, as well as those hovering inside the bodies of the city’s residents. One person can incubate and harbor forty ghouls in their belly alone so the numbers build very quickly. The ghouls are made of photons of light, so they don’t follow the Pauli Exclusion Principal, which requires certain particles like fermions to exist each in a separate space, so thousand of ghouls can exist on a pin head.

If the Returned Jesus landed in the streets of NY he would be swamped in seconds, he’d be dead before he could stop and buy a bagel. To get him into a place as disgusting as New York, a celestial force has to first go in and kill thirteen trillion beings and make it safe, landing Jesus is no simple task. Armageddon, in part, is about landing Jesus.

So the Returned Jesus thing is a military op’, it’s a huge battle; the fight for his presence here on earth has been going on nine years to the best of my knowledge and maybe much longer. He and his celestial forces are beyond clever—crafty. They transfer the Jesus light to other people not only to spread it but to confuse the ghouls and scare them. The JC machine has to constantly trick the ghouls and survive as if behind enemy lines.

He will never move ‘til he has to. He’s the fighters of all fighters, almost no one knows that. They think he’s a cheesy-looking, blond wimp like in Italian paintings, he’ll surprise them. He is way more than people expect.

I’m not a Christian but I came to love him and admire him so much watching him in action in the Aluna Mirror-Worlds, as I have been allowed to do. He must be very gracious as coming down here in this ghoul-infested place must be a really nasty and painful experience for him. I have never understood the enormity of it, or why he would come, seems a total waste of time trying to save humans, they don’t deserve him, but Jesus is linked to Gaia so that must be part of the explanation for his descent into this hell.

I have seen the Returned Jesus in visions maybe more than two hundred times; I can feel his kindness, it is very deep so that must also be part of “why” he is here. I’m sure we are not good enough for his kindness but he’s going to try to help us no matter how risky and dangerous it is. He can’t survive long but that does not seem to bother him.

Pure love fascinates me, it stretches out at 90 degrees in endless rolling waves of compassion. I think that’s why Jesus is often pictured with his arms out as they seem a symbol of pure love in the way he embraces everyone and everything.

We are confined by simplistic religions and inaccurate dogma that gives rise to narrow, childlike ideas of spirituality and God. Religion is ignorant of the digital-fractal worlds and the correct facts about heaven and hell, the arrogance of ignorance always appalls me.

Jesus is very spiritually wide. He is beyond religion, because he is so vast. He is the god of the sky and the god of the universe of stars beyond the sky. He is the keeper of our eternity. He is the god of all our hope. He is both the end and the beginning, all things. Beyond what we can ever imagine. (sw)

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