Ernest Holmes–Vision, Science of Mind & My Most Embarrassing Moment

Ernest Homes

I saw a vision of Ernest Holmes he was one of the early light people, like Edgar Cayce. He was the founder of a Spiritual movement known as Religious Science, a part of the greater New Thought movement, whose spiritual philosophy is known as “The Science of Mind.”

He was the first to teach people about creative visualization and the laws of attraction and the concept that the mind creates your reality. He said, “Where the mind, goes, energy flows. I used to lecture at the Science of Mind Churches in the US they were always very kind to me.

I did have one terrible moment, I used to do tantra sex seminars with a shaman lady called Denise Lynn. She’d use a large pink dildo to explain things to people. After the gig I threw the large plastic penis into my hanging bag and off I went to a gig at a Science of Mind Church in California. After the lecture I was in their fellowship hall having a coffee with the people, when I stupidly opened up my hanging bag and the pink dildo fell out and spun across the church floor. I was so embarrassed. My life went into a series of slow motion horrors.

The old dears were bemused watching something they hadn’t seen for a long while, cavorting across the floor. I  quickly picked the pink, foot-long ‘thingy” and flicked it back into my bag from about four feet away–brilliant shot! And I carried on as if nothing had happened, but I was sure glad to get out of there.

Write this down in case you ever need it, “Where energy flows, the dildo goes.” Stuart Wilde


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