After the end of the World Day — Dec 21st

We have finally come to the end of the Mayan calendar, December 21st and the world has not ended. We’ll all be here tomorrow on the 22nd. Nice eh?

Particle clang theory, as I call it says, that sentient beings evolved here on earth when quadrillions upon quadrillions of particles randomly banged into each other for several billion years and they eventually formed one protein by chance and at exactly the same time, again by chance, a DNA molecule was formed and the two came together. The theory says zillions of protein and DNA molecules suddenly clumped together to make a fish’s eye and it’s digestive tract. Silliness pure silliness. The chance of that must be one to the power of a trillion noughts.

Humans aren’t solid, on certain occasions a man or woman can walk through a wall. Modern man arrived 30,000 years ago through a transdimensional portal that we have seen thousands of times, and he did so in his dematerialized hyper-state. And seconds later he took on his solid form. Humans are eons older than this Universe.

If all the people in the world had perished today, a new population would walk in shortly thereafter.

Humans can’t become extinct as we straddle a multi-dimensional home base. We don’t have to travel to the stars and their planets, we can and we have walked in there, as long as the planet has what is needed to sustain life.

If modern earth man could fly to another planet that already has life, we would bring our evil and our ego and our warlike cruel nature and we would bring disease that has incubated in our bodies through our karma. We’d soon corrupt the new plantet and its people and make a new hell there, like the one here.

That is why it is not allowed. Earth humans have to be quarantined so as not to pollute other space tribes and so not to transfer our ugliness on them. When you become spiritually pure and you don’t kill things anymore, then eventually you are allowed to evolve and then incarnate/transfer to other places peopled by higher beings. So simple eh? We’re stuck here until we resolve ourselves. Stuart Wilde.


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