Dr. Helen Caldicott, Nuclear Radiation, Fukushima & Freedom of Speech

Dr. Helen Caldicott

I saw a vision of Dr. Helen Caldicott, she is a Nobel prize winning doctor from Australia. (See video below). I admire her greatly, she’s brave and strong. She’s willing to speak her mind regardless of the opposition. She’s a nuclear activist, she talks of the dangers of radiation. She says the Japanese government is lying about Fukushima. She says the male reptilian brain is pathological.

In a world where politicians, journalists, and the broadcast media daily sell their souls and kow-tow to the evil of the status quo, it’s refreshing to watch these brave ladies like Dr. Caldicott and journalist Helen Thomas speak out.

If you don’t oppose evil you are like Peter denying that he knew Jesus before the cock crowed at dawn. You don’t want 10,000 angry chickens at the edge of your soul because you supported evil all your life with your silence. You don’t have to be combative or angry, just stand for the purity of truth. Be polite and speak in a soft voice and tell them how vile their lies are. It breaks the bubble of their illusions and pretenses.

The popular revolution that is happening in the world today against the New World Order and the bent bankers and corruption of our leaders can only be because people are brave enough to protest or speak out. To that end Dr. Caldicott is a pillar of strength to be emulated and admired. There is a P.S. on curing radiation in your body after the video. Stuart Wilde

I’m not scared of radiation as I was given the gift of being able to cure it. When people come to my gigs we test them with a Geiger counter. If their radtion is high, say over 60 cpms I bring it down with a processs I was taught, and then we retest them and they read normal once more at 30-40 cpms. The geiger counter gives us absolute proof that the process works. SW www.stuartwilde.com

Here is an article on silent consent that I enjoyed

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