Diana Story Update –Land Mines (Vallon)

I posted all my Diana visions recently, she was killed by lethal injection, I don’t think people know that. Click link:  http://www.stuartwilde.com/2012/12/new-diana-story/  But, here is a new update:

One of the last visions of Diana’s death came in later. I called it, “The Nerd in the Tunnel”  (see below).

I saw a creepy guy in the Alma tunnel. He looked nervously up and down. I’m sure he was connected to the events, then I heard the word, “Vallon” clear as anything. At the time, I made the mistake of thinking it was a French name, or maybe the name of a place in France.

Recently, readers wrote in to say, Vallon is the name of a company that makes anti-land mine detection devices. http://www.vallon.de/

Diana was campaigning against land mines just before she died. It’s a very strange coincidence that I heard the word so clearly. I’m sure the Diana visions of her death that I saw are all real, and the fact that Vallon means something that is connected, helps me feel ever more secure about what I saw and wrote.

I also saw a vision of a man called Maurice connected to Diana’s death, and again I made the mistake of thinking he was French. In fact there was a British MI5 agent there in Paris on the night and his christian name was Maurice. Fascinating stuff. We’ll get them in the end.

There was a young French woman I saw in a vision. I think she saw the events in the tunnel, or she knew about the hit. In the vision, I was watching a hallway at night, in real time in an apartment in Paris. The phone rang, she picked it up without speaking, I could see she was very frightened. Maybe she’ll now come forward and sink em’ all.

There is an English aristocrat that kept a copy of the documents relating to the Diana hit, in case he was ever implicated, so he’d get off. They are in a wall safe, behind a picture. The picture was shown to me very clearly. I could go right to it, except I don’t know where the house is.

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My Original post about the Nerd in the Tunnel Visions 2001

I’m watching in the tunnel once more as if through the lens of a TV camera. It is night. There’s a nerd in the tunnel. He is very skinny and has a long face and a pointed chin. He’s only about five foot two to five foot four inches tall. I can’t work out his age but he’s well over thirty and less than fifty. He is wearing an unfashionable, clunky sports jacket with ordinary dark trousers and a strange hat. It’s not a constructed hat like an English bowler hat or an American Stetson. It is floppy and made of cloth, and while it is almost flat, it has a bit of a circular, pork-pie shape to it.

The scrawny man looks nervously up the Alma tunnel to his left, and then he looks the other way to his right. He’s real jumpy and anxious, like he doesn’t quite know what to do. He’s afraid of something–getting caught perhaps? Then I hear him call out in quite a loud voice, one single word in a French sounding voice, “Vallon”. It seems like he is calling to an accomplice for help.

….but my feeling is that if Vallon is a person, he or she is linked with the creep in the tunnel on the dark side of things”.


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