Dawn of the Celestial Sun

Be Gone in The Gleam of Grace

I’ve been watching the visions of the celestial sun coming up over the inner world horizon. It’s been eleven years in the making. When the Morph first appeared in 2001 in Australia, the walls went soapy-looking and people dematerialized and through the portal that occured on that day, I saw the devil worlds and the grey limbo worlds and the Golden Light far, far in the distance. Since that time the ghouls have been degraded and the Golden Light has gotten closer and closer.

As that happened I’ve recently begun to see visions of the Gods landing on earth to rescue us, both male and female. The power is vast and my fight against the ghouls has more or less ended, after years of broken sleep and zillions of ghoul hits which are painful.

The fascists come and the light comes in with them, to eventually destroy them all.

I’ve seen 30-40 visions in the last week of the light hitting various places and individuals, most of which I don’t know personally. How long it takes to drop a dark human I don’t know. But the light in a part of town say, would relieve people of their feelings of oppression. Conversely it would make the dark humans very sick and debilitated.As people pull this light into their heart, they act as antennas, firing it out locally wherever they go. If they breath love to people they pass in the street, it will save some and destroy others. People are in a digital cube that spins in a certain precise way, when the light hits the cube it ricochets upwards or downwards carrying them with it. So you are not in the decision, the mathematics of spin does it for you.

I saw the Celestial Light in front of a wrought iron gate, a bit like the one pictured here. A cylindrical bolt of the light went through the lock and the gate swung open. I later saw the same bolt of light go through the lock of a hotel door and it opened. I think it is symbolic and it says that the celestial light will unlock all the secrets that have been hidden from ordinary people all these years.

We are not “home free” but we are more free at home. Nice. Victory is assured and it may take a few years. Stuart Wilde. www.stuartwilde.com

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