Confusing Marijuana Laws in the US

Certain states like Washington state and Colorado have passed laws decriminalizing marijuana for personal use, one is allowed to carry an ounce. But the Federal laws still prohibit it. If a State Trooper passes you can wave and offer him a toke of your spliff, but a Federal policeman might arrest you, as nationally it is still a class 1 offence. It must be very confusing for lovers of the weed.

But what is interesting about these laws, is that they are yet one more example of how the individual states are breaking away from federal government in Washington D.C. Some states have passed laws to nullify the effect of the federal arrest without trial law (NDAA).

The individual states represent the ordinary people, the government in Washington D.C. acts for vested interests and foreign powers that do not have the well-being of citizens at heart. Quite the reverse, they seek to harm people in various ways.

While no state has succeeded from the Union as yet, one can see how the final solution to the terror of the Police States and the foreign controlled fascists in power, is for the individual states to withdraw from the Union.

That must give people a ray of hope. Stuart Wilde