Bankers and Federal Employees Flee to the Hills

Tunnel Cutting Machine

There are stories on the Internet of high-paid Federal employees and Wall Street bankers quitting their jobs and setting up in remote locations in the Ozarks, and in underground government locations in Colorado. The US government is building underground bunkers at a record breaking speed.

Military families have been told to store 10 days of fuel, water and food and to have guns and ammunition to hand. Financier George Soros sold all his equities and he bought $130 million in gold, a couple of months ago, he may have bought more since that transaction.

What do they all know? Is it financial collapse? I don’t think so, because the Federal Reserve can create trillions to hold the system up. Maybe the dollar collapses under the weight of all the new dollars. An insider at the Department of Homeland Security was quoted as saying, the collapse of the dollar is already a done deal. It’s to make way for a global New World Currency, controlled by the elite.

Planet X, Nibiru didn’t appear, and the planetary alignment passed without any drama, the Mayan deadline was a soggy tortilla, so what’s left? It could be an approaching object from space, but many of them can’t be seen as they have the sun at their backs, so the elite would not know about one particular object if it were on a collision course. And solar flares are random, so it’s not that. The magnetic poles are shifting, but that is of no consequence really.

Two possibilities: The elite are known to be very paranoiac, it’s in their nature, their feigned specialness creates it in their psychology, specialness is a delusion, it’s a form of madness. So it could well be that nothing is about to happen, or they know a world war will start in 2013. I’ve said before, if the Zionist Jews con the US into attacking Iran, as a part of their plan for global domination, it may cause the Iranians to retaliate.

Peace in Our Time

People say they may close the Straights of Hormuz, but that is all silliness, they don’t have to close the straights, they can destroy the Gulf oil fields, which are only about 200 miles away from Iran’s western coast. There won’t be any oil to ship, the Straights of Hormuz thing is a red herring.  Actions against the oil fields could end the world as we know it.

I have seen visions of petrol shortages recently, but I’ve seen them on and off for ten years. But it is a good idea to store fuel if you can, in case of strikes and supply problems. And I’ve seen loads of visions of food shortages, so a few 20 kilo bags of rice and some tinned food is good, they don’t take up much room, or cost very much. Buy gold, even a small coin each month.

The elite want to reduce the world population down to 500 million from the current 7 billion+ now. Maybe they know Avian flu will be launched in 2013. I’ve seen so many visions of it, but I have no fear of it. I have explained it before here, but I’ll do it again in a different article later.

Global warming theories have been totally trashed, so that’s not the threat. So what is left?

Let me digress to say the metaphysics of it goes like this: The world is gripped by an extensive demonic possession, our leaders don’t have a mind of their own, they are so infested they can’t tell what is a ghoul feed and what is real and true.

So they go towards repression, war, state sponsored violence, the Police State, sexual degradation, occult practices, blood sacrifices and a gradual breakdown of their sanity. It sounds extraordinary, I can’t absolutely prove it if you don’t agree, but I can say that watching the elite on TV, I can see all these things and more.

It’s in their life force field (the etheric), bright light makes it hard to see. But in a subdued light, in some interviews, they start to morph into their demonic form, the structure of their face becomes deformed and their features are overlaid by a demonic mask. I’ve seen this many thousands of times, so you can trust me on this fact.

A war with Iran would be a terrible thing, they are innocent, they have not broken any international laws, but it might be a good thing in the end, as forces will come in on the Iranian side and destroy the Zionists.

There is no peace in the world while these people are on their supremacist war path. So we have to wait and see. I saw a Doomsday Prepper on TV who said, “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst”. Very sensible.

Stuart Wilde

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