Assange to RT: Entire Nations Intercepted Online, Key Turned to Totalitarian Rule

Julian Assange of Wikileaks (Image

In the video below, Julian Assange talks about global Internet totalitarianism. I’ve been worried about it as the political, military power systems of the world are getting hammered on the Internet. If say you enter “Israel Bombs Gaza” in Google, there are 12 million hits in the search engine. “Pedophiles in the British Government” gets you 2.7 million hits. These are just English hits/pages, then there are all the other languages.

The elite are doomed while the Internet exists. All fascist systems go after the intellectuals and the writers/broadcasters first. The contradictory voice has to be silenced to protect the lies. In phase two the fascist elite falls, usually because a citizens’ militia rises up and rubs them out, or a foreign power invades.

In the system I watch in trance, the foreign power is the Golden Gods. It may sound dippy, as how can an invisible force take out a solid 3-D building say? Here’s how. The building is bricks and mortar, but inside its intrinsic reality it is mathematical, fractal codes, if a superior force changes the codes in the quantum field of the building it will burst into flames. I’ve been shown this spontaneous combustion a number of times, I didn’t know it was possible . Once I saw a vision of an industrial installation blow up in another country. Three hours later I heard, “T.V. Mr. Wilde”. There it was on CNN still burning.

The Beings can pinpoint/deliver an earthquake to an exact spot to within a two-hour time frame. It is very convincing. I was shown the location of a tremor that would occur between 10 pm and midnight. I looked it up on the earthquake monitor. The earthquake was a 4.1, at 11.50 pm on the exact spot.

Earthquake monitor:

The power of the Golden Gods involves a technology that is eons ahead of anything we know on earth. The more evil, the more the light comes and you can ride that light up to levels of consciousness you could never have reached ten or twenty years ago. I’ll write about the technology of the Gods, the bits I’ve been shown, in a later article.  Stuart Wilde

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