Amsterdam Sunday Dec 16th

Hi Guys!
This is the last one of these gigs. It’s been wonderful that 930 people in total have come so far.

I saw a vision of a forest floor and there were these beautiful green shoots coming up from the the forest floor, about a foot tall and so we’ll see what next year brings. If there are any last minute people please click events below. And don’t forget if you have a VIP ticket you can bring a guest to the main event, 2pm onwards, for free.

There are 25 VIP tickets, 12 Early Birds and 8 Mates Rates.

Here below is a heart felt and fun testimonial from one of last weekend’s participants:

Hello beautiful friends,

I would like to express my gratitude for the amazing Amsterdam gig. I’m in awe at how the process and codes helped everyone there. Its so beautiful to see what happens when energy is returned to a natural balance and symmetry.

To Khris and Joyce and Stuie and Tom and Mandy and all the great friends I’ve met before and all the new friends I met for the first time, thank you all for your wonderful warm company. I really felt the loving kindness being with you all. It’s so refreshing to hang out with you again. To just be loved and accepted for who you are in spite of the mistakes you’ve made, just makes me feel so loved, so truly deeply loved. I feel tears of pure joy in gratitude for the experience.

Doing the shadow process again was so healing to understand that we all as humans have the same darkness to deal with and holding our hands up and admitting to it is so cathartic. The dark gets the attention and acceptance that is needed to heal.  I like doing the nose on the carpet forgiveness prayer on a regular basis and it works so well.  I have learned how beautiful it is to just love and accept and forgive everyone including myself.  I find it helps me to not make the same mistakes again or at least make smaller ones and cut myself some slack and mend things again.  It also allows me to learn to laugh at some of the silly things I’ve done and that sense of humour that comes with it is priceless.  Stuie’s wonderful sense of humour from this way of looking at things is rubbing off on me… tee hee.  Thank you so much Stu.

And the process where we reached through Stuart’s heart was really something to behold. Having got a bit bored of pandering to the fickle whims of the ego, I have been looking for guidance as to how I may be of service and was going to offer that up as my prayer for that experience, but then it occurred to me that really it would be more useful to pray for perception as that would be more far reaching. On pulling back from behind Stuart’s heart I had visions of purple fractal codes/tubes downloading towards me. It was instant, like I’d just taken some Aya. I look forward to the day when I have an energy like that, that I too can use to help others with in whatever way I can.  Perhaps I have now just from the healings and processes.  I enjoy breathing the love around as I go along and pray that the purple codes I have been blessed with will help others too.

I just wanted to share a little of my experience in gratitude for all the love and help. I can really feel a massive expansion of the heart and a warmth and joy that comes with it. I’m so grateful. I could write so much more about it all, but out of respect I’ll wrap it up here and I look forward to seeing some of you soon at the tapping ceremony.

Mr SB England

Stuart Wilde

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