A Few People Don’t Agree

The Status Quo and the bent politicians and the false media trundle on, as if nothing has happened, but there are a few people out there, several billion of them, that don’t quite agree with things as they are.

Zbigniew Brzezinski the National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter, said recently that the Occupy Wall Street movement, and other protests and the popular uprisings in America, have hurt the plans for NWO. The NWO knows there are people that will rip its heart out eventually.

Many lies have been exposed, and people know that the NWO order is nothing more than a Illuminati, Zionist Fascist, plot to subject and enslave humanity under the thumbs of the Fat Controllers.

“Nah”, said the crowd, “if you want our guns you will have to rip them from our hands”.

The Grand Illusion has been popped. Now people have to be brave enough to confront the system. Dissidence is legal, passive resistance was the way of Gandhi, he brought down the British Raj. Comply with as little as possible. When you get a nasty letter in from the Government demanding money write on it, “deceased” and post it back. If they write you another letter mark it “still deceased.” Seems to work every time.

While the odds seem stacked against us, there is always Gaia to rely on. She can wipe out vast tracts of the control mechanism in an instant, we have to have faith in that. When the ground morphs it goes to a slurry, it’s the consistence of wet cement, the buildings sink. So if the Congress sinks with all in it you will know and you can say “Ah a wet slurry day.”

The fascists can’t win but they do have to come out of hiding so they can condemn themselves and be destroyed. Disagree with all that is vile and corrupt and voice your opinion bravely, and gradually use the power of your word to bring down the Illusions. Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com


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